The idea was floated by Sr. Josephine and our ex-teacher Mrs. Alice Barton Fernandez was in charge for a couple of years. Our first ex-student Sangeeta Sahani, Madhu Saxena, Preeti Sharma Menon & Chandan Lehal pioneered this entire event & worked hand in hand on the 1 of May 2002.  Invitations were sent through word of mouth, poster on the school soft board and advertisement in the Times of India.  The first year gathering was grand with many students including the boys from Primary section. The joy of meeting and sharing their experiences knew no bounds and generously catered to the needs of our library.  This meeting is being held almost every year. At present Mrs. Sunita Vijh is the co-ordinator.  It is a call to all our ex-Loretians to come forward and register themselves so that, they can plunge fully and make the Loreto’s banner fly high.

On the occasion of Golden Jubilee Celebration, the Alumni   Registration and Reunion Event  Booking has started and alumni can register at this "link"