A handwriting competition was held for students from class V to X and was judged on the style, flair, neatness and layout.  Handwriting competition aims to encourage young pupils to continuously improve their writing skills.

Science Quiz

A science quiz competition was held in the school with an aim to encourage the pursuit of science and general knowledge among the students.  The quiz covered various areas of science and general knowledge so as to challenge the participants scientific mind and enrich their vision.

An elocution competition at school level gives students a good opportunity to combat the biggest fear factor i.e. stage fear.  This allows the students connect with audience and discover their hidden potential.
Folk Dance

Selected participants are trained by the teachers.  They have participated in the interschool  competition and have won many prizes in the past years.

World Population Day Poster/Slogan Writing

World Population Day Poster/Slogan Competition was held for the girls of the Secondary School of Loreto Convent.  Many girls from Std 5 to Std 10 actively participated by making colorful and meaningful posters, writing slogans and poems and so on.  Some girls brought write-ups on the same.  A few of these were displayed on the soft board in order to encourage the students and also to bring about an awareness among the others.

Fancy Dress

A theme is given to the students about a month prior to the competitions.  Parents are encouraged to use their creative ideas to  dress up their wards. Readymade or hired costumes are not allowed. From every section best five children are chosen and then final competition is judged by the outside judges.


Story Telling

Inter-class story telling competition is held for the students.  Initially all children from the class are encouraged to participate.  Then best five children are selected on the basis of selection of the story, voice modulation, presentation, duration etc. This activity gives them a chance to appear before the audience and gain confidence in speaking. Selected children are sent to participate in the interschool competition.

Children draw and colour pictures on the given topic.  Children participate in Camelin Colour Contest.  Many have won prizes in the past years.  This activity helps children to express their creativity.

These are held so that children can use innovative  ideas to display their creativity.  They make beautiful things out of waste material. The students are also given a chance to display their knitting and embroidery talent.

Other Competitions

As the co-curricular activity we hold Quiz Competitions in History, Geography, Science and General knowledge.  This encourages children to study and revise the  portion thoroughly and sharpen their memory. The mental maths and Spelling Competitions are held to help them learn maths and English in a playful way. Recitation of the Text book poems as well as outside the text poems create interest in learning the language.  It also helps to improve the power  of retention and presentation.